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Cody Davis expands on his success as a multi-venture entrepreneur

Cody Davis, Entrepreneur (Not the Real Estate Agent, Patriots Safety, Skateboarder, or Actor)

The meaning of success can be subjective since each person defines it differently. However, in the end, it comes down to fulfilling your dreams and doing something that you’re passionate about. Above all, it speaks of personal determination. Entrepreneur Cody Davis has built his empire of enterprises by working hard and making smart decisions.

Davis is the founder and owner of several businesses, including The End Goal Agency, a leading social media marketing agency (SMMA), He also is a co-founder of ConcessionTeam, which is a technology app that allows you to order at the concession stand from your seat. The multi-venture entrepreneur is a passionate support of education or "gems" being available to everyone in the world. Davis is also a global speaker, having a panel spot in the World Leadership Summit (WLS) which will be hosting over 50,000 people live.

Davis began producing and managing content for various clients at the age of 15, building a portfolio of Fortune500 clients with his young expertise.

Maintaining success during the COVID-19 was challenging, but Davis refused to give up. His revenue dropped drastically, yet he took the opportunity to fine-tweak his services and products to return stronger. He then completely rebranded his personal image and agency.

Starting his journey in 2015, Davis has greatly changed over the years. His ability to adapt to new markets and come out on top is insane. In 2021, Cody Davis decided to enter the crypto market with "Dogecoin" and "Ethereum" as he seen Dogecoin rise from $00.09 to $00.72 which meant he made nearly 6-figures in a week. Cody's biggest achievement has been getting himself out of a toxic environment by establishing his business.

Health and Wellness has always been a huge part of his life especially with him being a collegiate football player and now, current competitive boxer. He now has started a YouTube channel, podcast, and other ways off mass producing content to share to the world for many to learn from.


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