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Meet Del Valle Rapper, PoCal

PoCal, Rapper

American rapper, PoCal brings a smooth West-Coast vibe to Texas with his textured sound and unique flow for this era. Following his first mixtape "The Real", the Outer-Austin area rapper started his group, One Percenter. Through 2021, he continued you to drop singles such as "Wolf Ticket" and "Juice". Singles like this, led him to new opportunities as he started getting invites to perform at Dallas & Austin-based events. At the point, PoCal started gaining traction.

Born and raised in Del Valle, Calvin Jarrell Henricks, known as "PoCal", always either played sports or was battling his friends in the school yard. In high school, Henricks played Quarterback for his hometown in Del Valle before transferring 30 miles East to Bastop, Texas. He ended up signing to played Defensive Back at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX before eventually following his musical passion.

Today, PoCal is on a mission to put Austin on the map alongside Quin NFN. As the summer of '22 is passing, Henricks starts to really pick up heat as he moves around the city with fellow local rapper, Lil Rick. Their song "Scared Money" was one of the most popular singles in the underground Austin rap scene for the following months.

October 22, 2022, the One Percenter member dropped his 2nd tape, "Graveyard Shift" while spending a 10-day business trip in Dallas, TX. This tape shows the most developed version of the artist yet garnishing records like "Runaway", "100 Miles", and "Jimi Hendrix On His Last String". PoCal is picking up the pace going into 2023 and clearly has a statement to prove as an established musician.


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